Your genetic material is unique in that it is the single element that ties all the other fabrics of identification methods and technologies into an entanglement of organized surveillance network. From medical diagnostics to global powerhouse surveilliance breakthrough, one individual or an entire government have the ability not only hack your  medical history, your economic production, purchase history, credit history, and your families (and their families) but also know biological vulnerabilities of the inner parts of your cells, and be suspected of criminal offenses because knowing your DNA is linked up with everything else for infinity – essentially, all but your thoughts. In addition, tie that information to social media such that your face is matched with your genetic information and thus the containment of your privacy is diminished. This poses an enormous potential to inflict on the people and societies in all the world, today and future generations. However, the development has been said in one way or another solely for your benefit. Genetic testing is promoted to allow people to have more control over their health, connect with their ancestral past, improve justice by proving an innocent person with a negative testing result while  positively matching and proving the criminal. Ideally, this paternalistic government is said to create a safer, and securer life, however very few people would agree that the implementation of genetic testing and the growing use of surveillance technologies used on us has made us safer, in fact the dangers seem to be only growing and here.

You might take to liking spying on others, however the spying on you is a like living nightmare

Ultimately, we are being targeted and treated as suspects, by our government and local law enforcement and as they accumulate their power, the common people are placed on one side of the fence and politicians, big corporations are on the other where corruptions and SOS_CNAInfographic_120420criminals converge. In addition, we are growing more desperate to hold onto the health we have, not knowing where else to turn to until the next “technological breakthrough.” Our health is ever increasingly challenging to grasp while still conclusively difficult to restore  and our amendments are eroding ever faster.

Use it or lose it: If you do not practice democracy, there will not be one

So what now? As much as you may want, problems simply do not disappear, in fact, they grow all the while you are neglecting it, the life inside it continues to breath. If you are not yet dead, like me, then you should care about the future, because the future is both near and far and will be here before you can complain about it.


Do you think that our privacy and freedom should be honored, say so, resist the free hand out, posting every detail of your life on social media, get informed, use browsers such as Tor. Do you think that the government should enforce technologies to protect us however with regulation and respect? It would be a mistake to expect something if you have not communicated it, or without common understanding. We need to collectively unite and take time to care and express our concerns, desires, and thoughts for our future and our families to the our local officials, senators, mayors, governments, president. If not today, or tomorrow, then perhaps the one day that is dedicated for voting. You can also keep informed by visiting non profit organizations that are already working for the voice of the people at Council for Responsible Genetics,http://www.councilforresponsiblegenetics.org/pageD… , Genetics and Society http://www.geneticsandsociety.org/article.php?id=6… , Genewatch http://www.genewatch.org/ and Electronic Frontier Foundation at https://www.eff.org/.



If not, ask yourself, why your future is not as important as it should be. We are all important, and should strive to make a better life for ourselves, for each other, and for our communities. Martin Lurther King Jr, said, Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Where do you stand?


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