Universe in me

Biology, the study of living life is an old subject but recently biology has become the other hand of technology. Many elements of science have stretched their belts around older theories. The gaps in the theories are increasingly surfacing and becoming the focus, such that the breaking of the molt is merging. The time in our evolution as humans and civilization are in a midst of breaking out of our current dimension parting previous patterns as we embark into a new pattern of dynamics. For example, theories of gene, physics, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy and traditional healthcare are being challenged. Technology has been a strong catalyst in this endeavor and becoming interwoven into our daily lives and future. Such that, many biological procedures are implemented with technology; machines, robots and computers. Advanced security systems, forensics, DNA sequencing and computer modeling are a few such examples that are dependent on technology.


Contributions to now and into the future

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Customary ways are being challenged as new ways of thinking and being are underway including privacy rights which have direct impact on our identity for which technology is instrumental. The laws and foundations that were the ground on which citizens based their decisions and paved for the future are also experiencing tremendous morphology. For example, the future of your DNA; how we view ourselves in the context of property, privacy, human nature and ideologies of human domain and the rules for future direction of our species. Because the evolution of biotechnology and human civilization have an undeniable residency, it is important to be engaged and partake in this future, to claim our ideas and desires, our future. Otherwise, the government, intercontinental financial institutions will make it for us that more heavily will not be in our best interest.

Goal be your benefit

My goal is to both explore and expose the under-workings of what is in progress and intended for the future of this very subject. This matter will effect all populations, however this subject matter should strongly appeal to young adults and adults working for their future. This subject is profoundly related to you, your family and friends and future family and friends, the blood of your life, career and health.

Furthermore, I would like for my future career to support democracy but for now, I am forging a pathway to better direct my career choices.

More specifically, it is said that by 2020 more than half the population will have had their DNA sequence, but do we own that data. Who does? How will it be used? What are our rights as to the effects of this? How will the “equality rights” be altered, for we will qualitatively be different and interpreted as such. How will we be valued? How will this effect genetic engineering, school or university admissions, employment, job promotions, criminal sentencing and healthcare? How does this effect our safety, for example bioterrorism, vulnerabilities? More importantly, what are the interest of corporations, governments and if and how they are collaborating.

This information is needless to say important and peritent to the quality of life.


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